Project partners

The consortium consists of academic partners, system integrators and final users in the field of advanced robotics, process automation, manufacturing automation, digital twins, and AI. They represent the entire value chain for an RDI programme, starting with research at low TRLs, continued by several development stages aiming at TRL elevation and finally approaching the market. Together the partners have the background, knowledge and research equipment to complete the goals of the project. Both the academic partners and companies have already collaborated in common past projects and in this way their compatibility and the ability for synergistic research have already been proven. Among other projects, most of DIGITOP’s partners collaborated in a highly successful previous smart specialization programme GOSTOP (Building block, tools and systems for the factories of the future). The project coordinator (IJS) led numerous national and international research projects and has internal support and infrastructure for project coordination (project office). Companies (system integrators, robotics, process control and digitalization solution providers) have a strong research & development component, which is a guarantee that the developed solutions will actually reach the market in innovation steps following this project.

Jožef Stefan Institute


University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Rudolfovo – Scientific and technological center Novo mesto


Kolektor Sisteh


Marovt proizvodno podjetje


L-Tek elektronika




Datalab Tehnologije


Yaskawa Europe Robotics